4 Tips for Planning a Retreat on a Budget


You plan out a retreat with a bunch of friends, which involves different activities; sitting around and chatting over lunch or dinner, or just strolling through the city. You come home and realize that a lot has been spent in just one day. What to do now?

Thailand fitness retreat helps you stay fit and fabulous and also encourages you to spend wisely on your retreat. 4 tips to plan a well–budgeted retreat, are:

1. Plan wisely:

To start with, you need to know much you want to spend on the retreat. Do a bit of brainstorming and jot down all the categories included in your retreat, along with the budget. This will help you plan it better and also stay in your budget.

2. Ask your group members to pitch in:

It is always a better idea to ask your team members to help you out. All of you can pitch in and have a better and bigger budget, which can help you stay in a better place or have more activities planned.

3. Keep it at some place cheaper:

You don’t necessarily need to keep it at a five star hotel. You can choose any café or any place cheaper. In fact, you can plan a retreat in some park as well; it won’t even cost you anything. The activities can be carried out any place where there is peace and quiet.


4. Bring Lunch boxes:

You can easily save on the cost of food by asking everyone to bring their lunch boxes. Especially, if you are planning a fitness retreat, you can ask them to pack healthy food with them. It will be a healthy option which will also cut down on cost of food.