An Introduction Of Bathroom Striping

Demolishing a toilet requires some abilities apart from demolishing the walls and flooring. It requires careful elimination of electrical wiring and plumbing equipment prior to the gutting process is started.

Huge fixtures such as tubs, and sink vanities have to be dispersed with care. You have to be really careful eliminating a glued-on mirror to prevent breaking glass.

Always contact your council to get almost any regulations and rules prior to beginning any demolition work.

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Switch off the electricity connecting to your toilet. You have to confirm the panel to your circuit map to clearly identify which circuit is going into the bathroom.

Switch off the water supply and detach any distribution lines in the valve. These are typically located underneath the fixture. Flush the toilet if there’s any water left in the bowl.

Find the skillet enclosing the P-trap and unscrew it with the adjustable wrench. Start looking for almost any seals or gaskets which may lead to trouble later on and wash it if needed.

Unscrew the nuts that result in cold and hot water distribution lines and assess whether the sink is resting on mounting bracket or are bolted into the wall. Remove the bolts or brackets if needed.